Rocket Riot 3D!



New features

Rocket Riot 3D is not the Rocket Riot you are used to playing! If you already know Rocket Riot, we've got a lot of new stuff for you! If you are a new player, you are in luck because Rocket Riot 3D is the most kick-ass version of the game yet!

You see, we've added quite a lot of features in this new version:
- New levels: Two new level packs, containing 48 new levels and one crazy new story!

New stuff for you to blow up!

- New enemies: A ton of new enemies for you to kill and unlock! Beware the lumberjacks!

Many, many new enemies included!

- 3D support: Rocket Riot 3D supports stereoscopic 3D, red/cyan and red/green 3D!

- All the controls: Rocket Riot 3D supports keyboard and mouse, controllers and touch input!

- Share your victory: When you finish a level, hit the share button and share a screenshot to your friends!

- Mini-bosses: We figured Rocket Riot wasn't hard enough, so we added mini-bosses! Mini-bosses are bigger versions of regular enemies with more health. They also have a unique power-up to make them even more challenging!

A giant lumberjack miniboss!
He has a shield powerup so the
only to defeat him is by punching him!

- Diseased enemies: Some enemies now carry diseases and can pass them on to you! If you see a red rocket coming your way, you better dodge!

If you see a red rocket coming towards
you, look out! You might catch something!

- Better graphics: Some eye-candy never hurts! So Rocket Riot is now playable in 1080p and everything explodes just a little better and smoother.

- Multiplayer challenges: You can challenge your Xbox LIVE friends to settle once and for all: who is the greatest Rocket Riot player among you?!
And who knows... There might be more coming! ;)